Loft Boarding

Add extra insulation with our moisture-resistant loft boarding for only £39.95m². Includes fitting and our famous lifetime warranty.
Loft boarded out by Lofty Solution
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A part of your loft insulation and storage

The Lofty Solution team use 8ft x 2ft humidity treated, moisture resistant, tongue and groove 18mm P5 boarding to floor lofts, to create a suitable storage base.

This boarding increases the thermal properties of your loft floor even further, driving down your home energy costs.

This is screwed onto a timber brace which both serves to strengthen your existing ceiling joists and raises the floor level above your insulation.

This is really important, as squashing the insulation not only reduces its efficiency but can create problems with the ceilings underneath.

Over time, insulation can get moved (dispersed) by tradesmen working in your loft. As part of our loft boarding service, we re-lay any dispersed insulation to ensure your insulation is complete and even.

The overall result is a very well insulated loft with an incredibly strong floor for storage purposes.

If the boards or the timber brace ever have to be removed to access electrical cables or pipework in the future, it is a simple process to unscrew, lift and then screw back down without causing any damage.

Lofty Solution are so confident in our workmanship and products, that we now offer a lifetime warranty on all our work!

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